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April 30, 2012

Challenge Wrap up

So today is the last day of my Blog-A-Day challenge. I blogged each day this month in order to give my blog a little boost. I must admit, I wasn't sure if I would be able to stick with it; but I did!  I've been wanting to post more often and get more creative with my topics. I think that doing this challenge has motivated me and made me work harder. I've put more effort into research and have done more brainstorming about my content. Since I had to publish a post each day I had to come up with a lot of new and different material and in doing that, I created topics/series I can use on a regular basis.

 If you're a blogger and you feel like you're in a writing rut, I highly recommend giving yourself some sort of challenge or goal for a period of time. Examples - a daily post, a certain number of posts per week, posts based on a theme, a photo a day, etc. You can join blog challenges with other people or create your own. I just created my own challenge that I would post daily and expand on the topics I already cover.

If you don't think you'll be able to stick with it, sit down and plan out your posts. Use a calender or make a list. Write down the key points of each post you want to create. It's not easy coming up with material on the spot everyday. Remember, not every post have to be super in-depth or serious - make it fun!

I promise it will feel good at the end of the challenge when you have accomplished your goal! You may even gain more traffic, acquire new followers, and add new ideas into the pool of posts you're already used to writing - all very valid reasons to get on it immediately!

Need some inspiration? Here are all of my posts for the month:

My Challenge Posts

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Day 30: Wrap up

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