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April 12, 2012

Hair update

In May 2011 I gave myself a challenge to take steps towards getting my hair to a healthier state. My hair was unmanageable, dull, and somewhat frizzy at times. To get my hair into shape I wanted to wash my hair less often, eliminate one of the hot tools I was using, trim my hair more regularly, and use a heat protectant before styling with hot tools.

You can see the original post here:
Hair Repair (Part 1)

In July 2011 I posted an update about the differences I've noticed:
Hair Repair (Part2)

Now I think it's time to revisit the topic and discuss the changes I've made.

I let my hair dry naturally everyday. The only times I use a hair dryer is if I have to get ready quickly and run out somewhere, so it hardly ever leaves the drawer.

I trim my own hair. I never got my hair trimmed because I was never happy with the results (i.e. too many layers, hair too short, etc) I knew it needed to be trimmed to maintain healthiness and since I had specific goals in mind for the length I learned to do it myself. (And hello - it saves money!)

I don't wash my hair everyday. It's a hard transition to go from washing your hair daily to only doing it a few times a week. It can be frustrating and I still struggle with it at times but I know it's a lot healthier for my hair.  I try to find different hairstyles and products to use for those 'unwashed' days. Tip: Curling hair works great on these days. 

I use products that repair and nourish my hair. Earlier this month I wrote about different Hair Oil Treatments and their benefits. I apply these a few times a week to my ends and they seem to keep my hair hydrated and healthy looking. 

I try to use a heat protectant regularly. Notice I said "try" - it doesn't always happen but I'm working on this one!

The Results
My hair has grown so much and has actually gotten thicker (this may also be a result of drinking more water and eating more healthy - which are other changes I've made in the past year). I notice less dry, split ends and my hair feels stronger. I see more shine throughout my hair and it's incredibly soft. I'm finally really starting to love my hair.

As you know it hasn't been an easy road to get the results I wanted. It took a lot of discipline and patience to get to the point I'm at now and I still have more goals to reach. It's definitely a process but so worth it. If you're unhappy with your hair, I challenge you to make a few changes in your routine (that you'll be willing to stick to!) and set some goals. I bet you'll notice some differences pretty soon.

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