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November 13, 2013

Subscription Boxes: Birchbox vs. Ipsy

Subscription boxes are extremely popular right now, especially beauty ones.  I've tried two major beauty box subscriptions: Birchbox and Ipsy. They cost the same and are great services, but there are some differences. Keep reading to find which one is best for you.

About Birchbox

The box contains beauty samples as well as non-beauty extras. There's also a men's box available for  $20/month, which delivers grooming products and lifestyle accessories. Birchbox has its own shop where you can buy full size products. You can earn points to be used in the Birchbox shop by referring friends, giving feedback, and making purchases from the shop.

The Good & Bad:
I love that you can buy full-sized products right from the site. It's convenient and I've been able to get quite a few free products just from all of the points I've earned. I received some full size products in my boxes, but I also got a lot of foil packets and small samples (including perfume samples in almost every box). I didn't care much for the lifestyle extras either. However, I loved that in every box a product list was included so that I knew exactly what I was given without having to look it up. It made it easier to see the worth of my box and understand exactly what each product did.

About Ipsy

Subscribers receive a glam bag filled with deluxe samples or full-sized products. Earn points by giving feedback and referring friends that can then be used toward free products. With each bag, you get big discounts on the brands that are featured that month.You can share your own looks and videos created with products from your bag.

The Good & Bad:

The samples in my bags have been amazing. Most are travel size or full size. I've been really impressed with them. I've also noticed a lot of popular well-known brands in my bags, which I like. So far, I haven't come upon any perfume samples in my bags and I'm very happy about that (I just have way too many of them and don't feel that they add any value).  I like that Ipsy offers discounts but it would also be great if you could buy them right from the site too. I don't like that they don't include a product list in the bag. I'd like to see basic info about the product and what it costs to get the full size.

So which one should you choose?
I think it depends on your taste (or whoever you're buying for). Birchbox tends to have a lot of luxury brands, some that might be new to you. Ipsy includes a lot of popular brands at different price points (from drugstore to high end) and might be more fun for a teen or young adult. They are both the same affordable price so try one or both! I'm personally leaning more towards Ipsy right now, but I would still highly recommend Birchbox to anyone who is interested. Either subscription would make a great gift too!

Join Birchbox or Join Ipsy

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Referral links were used.
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