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April 21, 2012

Bath & Body Works + DSW Haul

Today I went shopping with my mom a few places. We went to Costco, Target, Bath & Body Works, and DSW.  Here's what I got...


Guess wallet. I have a similar purple wallet but it's worn out now so I got this pink one.

Teva Wedge Flip Flops. Nothing too special, I know. I have a hard time finding shoes that fit well so I wear flip flops a lot in Spring and Summer. These are comfortable  and simple.

Bath & Body Works

Market Peach Candle. Candles are on sale 2 for $20 so my mom got one and I got one. The scent is like a refreshing smoothie - fresh picked peaches, a touch of red raspberry and citrus, and notes of rich vanilla.

Anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soaps. These hand soaps are amazing; I use them exclusively. The 2 scents I picked - Fresh Picked Tangerines and Peach Bellini. We like fruity scents in the household, can you tell?

Wild Citrus Sunflower lotion. This is one of their new scents. I had a hard time choosing which one to get because all 3 smell great but this is the one that really drew me in. It's "a sunny blend of sparkling clementine, cheerful sunflowers, and luscious white nectarine".

So that's what I got. The weather today was like a warm summer day. It was a good day to be enjoying the sun (and obviously to do some shopping!)

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