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January 24, 2014

New Makeup Vanity!

Makeup storage and desk

Oh boy, what an exhausting week. I've been working hard at redoing our office to accommodate some makeup storage. Everything had to be rearranged so that I could include an extra furniture piece, which meant finding homes for the excess that couldn't fit.  When you're in an apartment with little storage and no garage, it can be quite a challenge.

I've actually had this idea for a couple years. Our office was not a happy, creative space like it should be. We shared a desk that had been primarily Mark's desk. I sat at it to do my makeup and used a portion of it to do my projects. Our stuff was getting cluttered and mingled together. I had boxes of makeup piling up in the corner of the room too. It was not good!

I knew I wanted a vanity to sit at as well as a set of drawers to house my beauty products. The problem was that I didn't have a whole room to work with, so I had to be smart about it.  I couldn't take over the whole room (I take up most of the apartment as it is - as girls, we just have a lot of stuff, ya know?). So, point is, Mark needs his own space too.

After browsing vanities everywhere, I found that most appealed to me visually, but weren't functional enough. Many of them had only a few drawers - nowhere near enough storage for the growing makeup collection of a beauty blogger! I didn't have room to get a set of drawers along with a vanity and I actually liked the idea of having one unit for everything anyway. I turned to Ikea. The Alex drawers are widely popular for plenty of storage options. I love how simple and clean they look. I decided on 2 sets of the shorter units in white with a white glossy table top to lay on top of them (all of which are sold separately at Ikea). Side note: Ikea actually has a full table with drawer units attached; unfortunately it was too long for the area.

Ikea drawers for makeup storage

makeup drawers
A peek at my drawers.

Everything about this setup turned out perfect. I love how it looks. I can't help walking into the room every few minutes just to admire it. I was able to fit all of my makeup in the drawers with room to spare. Mark still gets his desk with his own space and I get my own girly space. Now we can both be in the room, doing our own things without encroaching on each other.

makeup desk
The view of the top of my desk. There's plenty of room to work!

My perfumes in the corner of my desk. I have a better idea for them though.

I'll be doing a separate blog post and video of my makeup collection and organization. I still have some things to work out. The room still has more sorting and organizing to be done. I'll most likely have an update and a room reveal when it's finished!
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