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April 3, 2012

La Mer Cleansing Foam

For this review I'm featuring the La Mer Cleansing Foam. This obviously is not going to be my typical review. La Mer is an expensive brand and therefore I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you need to go spend the money on it. However, since I was able to try it out (no this is not a sponsored review) I thought I would give my perspective on the product.

What it does
The product claims to purify, re-mineralize, and calm vulnerable skin.

To Use
I use a small amount and massage it onto damp skin. It comes out green and as it purifies the skin it turns to a white creamy foam.

What I Thought
It felt super soft as it foamed up but my skin didn't feel soft after I rinsed it off.  I noticed it made my skin look brighter and my pores look smaller. My skin looks a little healthier. I think it is way too pricey at $65. You can find similar products for a lot less. This is a lot like the Kiehl's cleanser I reviewed last month and I feel like that cleanser did more for my skin.

If I had the chance I would want to try other products from La Mer just to see what the hype is about. They have so many products and I really can't make a good judgement off of just one. So far my feelings about it are so-so.

What about you? Have you ever tried a product from La Mer? How did  you like it?

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