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April 29, 2012

Sample Storing

Sample products have started to accumulate around my apartment. They get thrown haphazardly into drawers and makeup bags but I tend to forget about what I have. With subscription services like Birchbox and being able to pick samples when ordering with Ulta or Sephora, I assume others are finding themselves amongst a mountain of samples as well. I really want to remember use these products so I searched for a simple solution. I found a small box I already had and set it up with a handful of samples to be used (shown above) and set it next to the sink. I stored the samples not in use in a small set of drawers that I keep in my bathroom. I'll rotate them out when I'm done with the current samples. 

You can find other ways to display your samples as well, like in a soap dish or a small bowl.
I have my perfume samples in a dish (shown below) that I keep in my guest bathroom. It looks cute next to the sink.

Do you use all of your samples? How do you store them? 

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