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March 1, 2013

LORAC Real Life to Red Carpet Pro Eye

Lorac Real Life to Red Carpet Pro Eye Tutorial. Keep reading to find more info and my opinions on it.

Often times when I go to Ulta to find something new, I browse the kits or sets that are offered from various brands. I picked one up before from Smashbox (review here) that turned out to contain some great products, including my current favorite blush! Recently, I was looking at a couple kits from Lorac. I've heard many things (all good) about their products but haven't tried anything yet since it's a little pricey. I happened to have a 20% off coupon with me this time, so I was willing to aim for a pricier item than normal. Of course, I wanted to try the brand as a whole and not just one specific product; therefore, I chose the Lorac Real Life to Red Carpet Pro Eye Tutorial.

LORAC Real Life to Red Carpet Pro Eye
Retail: $39 ($110 value)

-Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
-PRO Cream Eyeliner - Black
-Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio - Star Power
-PRO Mascara - Black
-Double-ended brush
-Booklet with 3 eye looks and tips

This kit was created in order to make a few different eye looks. The booklet inside shows you how to make a minimal eye, a mod eye, and a mega-sexy eye.

Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
I like this eye primer. I apply primer everyday before adding shadow to my lids. It helps my eyeshadow last all day without shifting or fading away. My favorite is UD Primer Potion but this one works well too.  It's nice to use even when I don't wear eye shadow because it balances out the redness of my lids.

PRO Cream Eyeliner
Cream/gel liners are my favorite. I prefer them to liquid and pencil liners. They apply smoothly and have major staying power.  You can smudge cream liner for a sultry, smokey look or make a thick solid line for a crisp, defined look.

The cool feature about this liner is that is has a built-in brush - which makes it perfect for travel!

The brush sits in the top half of the cap. You pop the brush out, turn it upside down, and snap it back on the lower half of the cap to use as a handle - you don't half to, but that's what I like to do. Then you just dip it into the pot and starting lining. You only have to pick up a tiny amount and that pretty much covers the top line. This liner rocks! 

Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio
This trio features three shades that complement each other well. They have great color payoff and I love that I can throw this trio in my purse or travel bag easily. I've seen Lorac trios like this at Ulta and always wanted to try them so I'm glad this one came in the kit.

PRO Mascara
This mascara has an interesting brush. It features tapering that's wide at the base and narrow at the tip. It comes to a fine point. It was a little hard to work with. The wide area was a little too wide, so it was awkward when I tried to use it on my lashes. The formula was great though and made my lashes stand out. I would like this mascara more if the brush wasn't quite so tapered. 


At the end of the day, I'm pleased to have tried all these products and now I have a better idea of how Lorac products work. They'll last me a long time and meanwhile I can try a few more products from the brand as well.

What's your favorite Lorac product? Haven't tried Lorac? Tell me what you would like to try.

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