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March 12, 2013

How to: Clean Hair Without Shampoo (No Poo Method)

I've been doing something a little different in the shower when it comes to cleaning my hair. I'm using a washing method I recently stumbled upon on Pinterest. Keep reading after the jump to learn all about my new routine!

A couple months ago, I was browsing Pinterest and found an article about methods of washing hair without using shampoo (here is the article). From the post, I learned why this 'No Poo' style was beneficial and decided to do it as an experiment.

Why Not Clean With Shampoo?
We all know by now that washing your hair daily isn't the best thing because shampoo can strip your hair of natural oils. Your scalp tries to replace those oils and overcompensates, leaving you with greasy hair the next morning.

When I washed my hair with shampoo all the time, it was hard to go a day without washing.. I tried the every-other-day thing but my hair wasn't balancing out like I was hoping. My scalp was still producing a lot of oil.

What to Use Instead of Shampoo?
I'm using baking soda (which doesn't strip your hair) mixed with water to clean my scalp and roots and breakup the product buildup. Then I use a vinegar/water mixture to condition my hair - the article recommended how much to use.

My Routine
I'm currently washing my hair every other day with this method and have been doing it for a month already. I measure out a tablespoon of baking soda and keep it outside of my shower until I'm ready to use it. I dump it into my palm, add water until it becomes a paste, and then massage it into my scalp. Since I'm not completely ready to give up regular shampoo, I still use it about once a week.

For conditioning, I spray the vinegar and water mixture into my hair and leave it on for a few minutes until rinsing it out. I  use regular conditioner or a conditioning treatment on the same days I use normal shampoo. I do this because I noticed after only using the No Poo style for a couple weeks, my hair was getting frizzy and  coarse. I felt like  the ends needed more hydration.

On the days I don't wash my hair at all, I use a little dry shampoo on my roots. I still use various products  like leave-in treatments, hair spray, and heat protectants on my hair as well.

My Observations
Since starting this regimen, I've noticed some changes in my hair:

-It's growing faster
-My roots are less oily. I can almost go without the dry shampoo on 2nd-day hair
-My hair feels more lightweight.
-It dries faster. This must be because I have less product buildup on my strands, which is also why it's more lightweight.
-It feels thicker, although I'm not sure if it's a direct result of this regimen.
-I'm saving money! I haven't had to buy shampoo and conditioner for while. Baking soda and vinegar are a lot less expensive.

My Plan
I'd like to keep going with this method for at least another month. The article explains different things you can tweak in case you're not getting good results. I'm still making adjustments to my routine in order to get the results I'm seeking - balanced, healthy hair. I'm not ruling out shampoo and conditioner completely, especially because I have some products to review soon!

If you'd like to try the 'No Poo' style yourself, you should read the post I've been mentioning. It's super informative and goes much more in-depth about this whole style of washing.

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