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March 20, 2013

Essie Haute As Hello Nails

Purchased by me

I'm currently wearing this gorgeous coral polish on my nails. Follow the jump for more pictures.

Haute as Hello is a light coral shade that came out with Essie's Summer 2010 collection. I only recently acquired this shade when I made a little stop at Ulta - I tend to make those a lot. It caught my eye because it practically glows inside the bottle! I thought it would be an ideal color for spring and summer.

Haute as Hello a creamy polish but not opaque. I'm wearing two coats in the picture but probably could've added a third for a nice solid color. It's a cheery hue and looks great with a tan, although I'm sure it would look equally as good against more pale skin.

I'll be wearing this color a lot for spring. It's such a feminine and soft shade, but a nice change from pink.

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