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October 7, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag - September 2013

Purchased by Me

 I received my 3rd Ipsy bag in September and I didn't get around to posting about it. I showed the contents of the first month of Ipsy, didn't show the second, and now I'm late on the 3rd. I almost skipped it again, but I really wanted to share what I got because it was such a good bag for me.  So, I'll briefly run through September's contents.

The Bag

The contents:
  • Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm
  • NYX eyeshadow
  • Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner
  • It's So Big Volumizing Mascara
  • Butter London nail lacquer

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm 
Big Apple

This is one of those oddly shaped products with a brush hidden inside the cap. It's not always a necessary feature, but with this one it's nice so you don't have to stick your finger into the pot and get the color all over your hands. Also, the brush helps to get all of the balm out of the pot so that there's no wasted product. The color shows up pretty vibrant, almost like a lipstick.

NYX eyeshadow

I can't say that I know about the quality of these eyeshadows from NYX. People seem to have varying opinions. I tried a palette from NYX once and it turned out to be very chalky. I didn't care for it much. I'm willing to try this one out and see how it goes though. I do like a lot of other NYX products.

Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner

This is my first time really trying Jesse's Girl cosmetics. The tip of this eyeliner is very flexible and thin. With a lot of liquid eyeliners, you can feel the wetness of the eyeliner. Sometimes it messes me up because my eyelid isn't expecting the cold product and I flinch. This one doesn't feel wet at all. I can hardly even feel it being applied. It applies a very thin, dramatic line.

It's So Big volumizing mascara

The brush of this mascara is long and slightly curved. The bristles are pretty short. I used it maybe once or twice and it wasn't anything special. The full size is $19.99 and I'm just not willing to spend that much on mascara (it would have to be an amazing mascara). I'm really not a huge fan of getting mascaras in sample boxes (or bags!) because usually they're high-end mascaras that I wouldn't buy. I'm perfectly fine with my drugstore picks!

Butter London nail lacquer
La Moss

I was ecstatic to see Butter London in my bag! How often do you get such a good sample?! I only have a few Butter London polishes because they're pricey, but I do love them. This one is a beautiful burgundy shade for Fall. It's a mini polish but I'll still get tons of use out of it. This was the highlight of the bag!

Overall, I loved my September bag. To pay only $10 for all of this is incredible considering there are some very well known brands and a couple full sized products. The only part I still dislike is that there isn't a card inside the bag that gives basic info of each product. I like to know the exact name of the product, the price of the full size, and a little blurb telling me what it does. Instead there is a card with the discounts of each brand from that month's Glam Bag, which I really don't need. The card could include a reminder that there are discounts to check out but I find the product info much more helpful. It would show me what a good value the bag is and help validate my decision to buy it every month.

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Disclaimer: I purchased a subscription for this service myself. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the brands mentioned. A referral link was used. 
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