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October 20, 2013

Halloween Look: Unzipped Face

It's that time again: Halloween time! And that also means time to paint Mark's face. Yes, my boyfriend is nice enough to let me paint his face every year just so I can share it with you guys! Isn't that sweet of him?? This year, I decided to give him an unzipped face. I think it turned out pretty cool and it wasn't hard to do at all!

Zipper FX kit

We got this Zipper FX kit at Walmart. It's sold at Halloween stores too, but it costs a lot more at those places. This one was only $4.97 and the exact same kit was $12.99 at the Halloween store here. The only difference was the logo on it. Walmart doesn't offer nearly as much as Halloween stores, but you should check Walmart first for these kinds of things.

This look was actually pretty quick to create compared to other looks I've done on Mark. I only used the items provided. There were just a few simple steps to it.

I had to glue the zipper to his face, then sponge some white makeup onto his skin, followed by applying the blood, and then smudging some black paint around his face. There was only one problem - after a bit of time, Mark felt like he couldn't blink his eye because of the stiffness of the makeup. I don't see how he'd be comfortable enough to wear it all night. Luckily he didn't need to; it came right off. It was just a little work to get the residue of the glue off, but fortunately the kit provides some liquid to remove it.

Want to see Mark as other scary things?

Check out the other looks and then come back to tell me which your favorite is: Zombie, skeleton, or unzipped face?

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