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November 26, 2012

November Birchbox: Oscar Blandi, Caldrea

It's time for another Birchbox review! The November box is about giving, which is very appropriate for this time of year.  In addition to samples, Birchbox also included a reusable gift envelope to fill and give to someone special. Also, there was a card with $15 off a pair of Chromatic heels from Chromaticgallerie.com

My Box

Caldrea Hand Soap
Full size $10.50 (10.8 oz)
My sample size: 2 pouches of hand soap (exact size unknown)

Caldrea Hand Soap is made with aloe vera gel, olive oil, and essential oils.  There are nine scents in the collection. The two samples I got are Mandarin Vetiver and Crimson Pear Ginger.

My thoughts: These were cool samples to receive. I like getting hand products. These little pouches are so cute I don't even want to use them. I actually think I might save them for the next time I stay in a hotel. Hotels always have the bar soap, but I like cleaning my hands with liquid soap. I am very eager to smell them though.
Would I buy it? To Be Determined, but I think I'll like them - so probably!

Feeling Smitten Limited Edition Holiday Bath Bomb
Full size $10.50
My sample size: Mini Cupcake ($5.50 on product website)

A bath bomb in the form of a cupcake. Free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. You drop this cupcake in your bathtub (full of water, of course) and it fizzes up with bubbles. I got the Ribbon Candy Cupcake.

My thoughts: I thought this was an actual cupcake at first. It looks so real - and delicious! I've never tried a bath bomb before (but I've been eyeing them at Lush!), so this was also a cool sample to receive. Now I just need to set aside some time for a nice relaxing bath.
Would I buy it? If it was available in a store nearby, then maybe just to try one or 2.

I looked at the website, feelingsmitten.com, and they have a lot of other delicious-looking bath treats too. It made me really hungry.

ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara
Full size: $24 (tube)
My sample size: Full size!

This mascara has little fibers that adhere to your lashes to make them full and long. It's water-resistant and contains beeswax and carnauba wax. You apply 2 coats for more volume. The tube comes with a built-in mirror.

My thoughts: 5 million thumbs up for getting another full size product in my box. I love that this mascara has a built-in mirror. I think every mascara should have it! Now for the negative part - I don't care for the formula or fibers. I don't see much of a difference when it's on my lashes. I don't notice extra length or volume. I've tried wearing it by itself and paired up with other mascaras. It just doesn't do much for me.
Would I buy it? No
Find it here!

Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray
Full size: $25
My sample size: 1 oz

A volumizing spray that contains Zeolite (a natural volcanic mineral that removes toxins), Keratin proteins (strengthens hair), and UV absorbers. You spray it on dry hair from ends to roots.

My thoughts: I  tried this and it noticed a big difference in volume. It was easy to use and worked instantly. I can feel the added texture in my hair.
Would I buy it? Yes
Find it here!

Stella Cadente Miss Me Eau de Parfum
Full size: $35-69
My sample size: 0.04 fl oz

This Eau de Parfum from French designer Stella Cadente combines floral notes with musk.

My thoughts: It reminds me of baby powder, but I'm also sick so I might not be detecting the full scent. It smells clean and light.
Would I buy it? No, it's not my kind of scent.
Find it here!

SOYJOY Cranberry Snack Bar 
5 bars - $6
My sample size: 1 bar

This gluten-free snack bar is all natural and just 140 calories. It's made with real dried cranberries and ground whole soy nuts.

My thoughts: I'm never so thrilled to get these healthy snack samples in my boxes. I don't eat this kind of stuff and it just doesn't appeal to me. I wish there was a way to opt out of food and perfume in my boxes!
Would I buy it? No
Find it here!

I was happy to receive most of the samples in this box. I didn't need the snack bar or eau de parfum though.
It was awesome to get the full size mascara; it made the $10 box so worth it. I like the bath bomb and hand soap - those were 2 things I never expected to get.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought this box with my own money and opinions are all my own. A referral link was used. Some affiliate links were used.

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