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November 15, 2012

Fall Brown Eye Makeup

I was browsing Fall makeup trends the other day and came across a few smokey brown eyes. I realized that I've never featured any such look on my blog, so I had to do one!

The key to this look is using brown eyeliner instead of black. Brown makes for a much softer, less intense look.  This is great if you're going for natural makeup or just want to try something different.

Since I have a tan skin tone, browns are very subtle on my eyes. I used soft, golden browns for the lid and a cooler brown for the crease. I applied a medium brown liner, but I would've preferred a dark brown. It was just what I had on hand.  Also a plum shade of liner would look really good.

I only buy brown mascara on accident (don't you hate when that happens?!), but if you have light lashes, brown is a great option to go along with the natural look. I applied just enough black mascara to give my lashes a boost without looking dramatic.

This eye makeup felt so different for me. I usually depend on black eyeliner to bring the whole look together as well as help magnify my lashes.   Natural, colorful, or dramatic, it's still fun to experiment.

How often do you trade your black liner for brown?

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