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November 17, 2012

Travel Beauty

I'm going on a little trip this weekend to celebrate my birthday, which is on Monday. Since it's a short trip I don't want to bring too much with me, only the essentials. I won't need 8 different eye shadow palettes!

I wanted to share just a few things I'm taking with me.

A case for my contact case.
Say what? A case for a case? Well, I really couldn't pass up this cute case from Charming Charlie. It  holds my contact case and has a mirror inside. On top of that, it's sparkly!

I really like having it with me. I don't have to worry about my actual contact case coming undone, leaking, or getting lost among my stuff.

Sample products and travel sizes
This is where I dig into my box o' samples and choose what I want to use for the weekend. Samples take up little space and I don't have to worry about leaving them behind.

I get to try new products and  use up some of my samples! I definitely need to dig into that sample box more often. It's kind of overflowing.

I would mind leaving the larger travel products behind.  There's a lot of product in each and some of them are reusable, like the Secret Wonderland body wash.

Small eye shadow palette
When I travel, I don't want to have to take individual pots of eyeshadow  that will just take up room. It's nice to have a palette that I can get different looks from. I still have options, but it keeps it down to one simple, slim product. 

Small cosmetic bag for bath items
I have tons of little cosmetic bags that I keep on hand for travel. I'll use one that I don't mind getting wet for my bath products and another for extra little things. For me, it works better than having a big bag with everything. Just a personal preference. You can find little cosmetic/bath bags for $1.99 at Target (and maybe even cheaper elsewhere).

What are your travel tips for beauty products?

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