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July 1, 2014

Simple Red, White, and Blue Nails

We're just a few days away from Independence Day. I like to celebrate holidays on here with cute manis! This is the 4th of July mani I created last year, which is turning out to be pretty popular on Pinterest this year. Funny how that works. For this year's mani, I went with a very simple yet festive design.

I used 3 colors for this mani:

Step 1. The red was applied first, all over the nail. Then, I let it dry completely, otherwise the tape would pull up the red polish and it would be a mess!

Step 2. I put the tape on top of the red (covering 2/3 of the nail), leaving the tip exposed where I wanted to place the white. Then, I applied the white and peeled off the tape immediately. I let the white dry completely as well.

Step 3. The last step was to add the blue. I used the tape to cover part of the white and left the tip of the nail exposed. I applied the blue, peeled off the tape, and let it dry! I touched up the edges of the white very carefully with a white striper.

The end result is just a clean red, white, and blue design. My boyfriend, Mark, said my nails look like Pepsi nails! Secretly, I have to agree. As soon as I was done painting my nails, I thought the same thing. So they're 4th of July nails and Pepsi nails. I'm okay with that!

Red, white, and blue nails

Red, white, and blue nails

Red, white, and blue nails

What do you think? Do they remind you of Pepsi?

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