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July 15, 2014

Eyebrows: Before & After Filling Them In

Eyebrows: Before and After Filling Them In

Eyebrows are an important focus of my daily beauty routine. When filled in, they complete the whole face. If I didn't fill them in, something would just look off. Check out my before and after to see what I mean...

Some people are lucky enough to have thick eyebrows that don't need to be filled in ever. Then, there are those who have almost non-existent brows. Mine are all there, but they look a little sparse on their own. The skin behind my brows is a lot lighter than the rest of my face, so it just looks really strange to be done up with makeup while my brows are lacking.

Here's before and after filling in my brows.

Before and after filling my eyebrows in

With stronger brow presence, I feel that that rest of my features strand out as well. Without the brows filled in, everything just looks off and unfinished.

I didn't actually start filling in my brows until after high school. I was probably 18 or 19 and really exploring the world of makeup. I discovered Benefit's Brow Zings and that's when eyebrow products became a staple in my makeup collection. Now, I don't go a day without filling them in. Even when I'm wearing less makeup, I always try to remember the eyebrows! I think it makes a big difference and helps create a polished look no matter what.

Products I recommend:

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