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July 27, 2014

My Nail Polish Storage + Video

nail polish storage

You might've seen my post or video last year about my nail polish rack that I have hanging on my wall. Well, that one filled up pretty quick, and when I say quick, I mean I needed a second one before that one even came out of the box. I got a second rack not too long ago so my whole collection is now all together, hanging above my vanity. I filmed a little video and took some pictures to show you how it looks.

 I have the two racks hanging  side-by-side.

clear nail polish racks

I organized the polishes by brand and spread them out so that there was some separation. I arranged the polishes in each brand by color.

clear nail polish racks

I like that the racks are completely clear. It makes for a clean look and I can see all of my polishes easily.

clear nail polish racks

clear nail polish racks

Both racks were around $30. They each hold roughly 96 bottles of polish, but it depends on the size and shape of the bottles. I could fit a lot more Julep polishes than OPI!

Where to buy: Amazon

Here's my video of the setup. I ran through all the brands I have too.

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*These racks were purchased by me. An affiliate link was used.
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