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June 25, 2013

NYC lipstick for less than $1!

Purchased by Me

While browsing CVS, I came across the NYC display and my eyes locked onto a row of lipsticks that only cost $ 0.99! Keep reading to find out which ones I'm talking about!

NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear
Price: $0.99 each

Ok, so you're probably pretty skeptical about the quality of a lipstick that costs around a dollar. I agree that some are perfectly fine to pass over. They look/feel as cheap as they are and a lot are really dry. I was pleasantly surprised by this lipstick though. It applied very buttery and smooth. While the color turned out to be a little sheer, I loved the feel of it on my lips and that's why I was excited to have found it!

The two colors I chose were Petal (314) and Violet Shine (319). Petal is a light frosty pink. Violet Shine leans more towards a raspberry plum than a violet shade. Violet Shine is a little harder to make a solid color on my lips, but it isn't bad.

Petal (left) and Violet Shine (right)

Close up of Petal and Violet Shine

Here are the lipsticks swatched on my arm.
Petal on the left, Violet Shine on the right.

 Petal on my lips
It covers my lips pretty well.

Violet Shine on my lips
As you can probably see, this color looks a bit splotchy on my lips when zoomed in like this. Fortunately, this is just a closeup shot - it looks fine in person.

These lipsticks actually have a a faint fruity scent, which I like. I barely smell it when it's on my lips though.

The packaging is not my favorite. I'm not huge on the clear plastic caps, but for the price I'll put up with them. You also have to be careful when recapping because the lipsticks don't twist down all the way.

Overall, I'm glad I found these lipsticks. I like the creamy texture and I love the price! Smooth lipstick for less than $1?! I'll take it! It's great for those that don't want to spend  a lot of money and want to try a few different shades (there are 10 available shades!).

You can find all the shades on NYC's website.

Question: Which lipstick do you like better?
Tell me in the comments!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Products featured in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. No affiliate links were used.

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