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June 17, 2013

How to: Easy Fun Dot Nails

Another Monday, another manicure. I featured a dotted mani before, but this one is a little different. The great thing about dotted manis is that you can easily create them, even without actual dotting tools, and you can do both hands easily enough. This mani includes a purple base color with pink dots in different sizes.

For the base color, I used Malia by Zoya. It's a medium muted purple with a glossy finish.

I added large pink dots with a double ended dotting tool I got from Avon. You can find dotting tools a few different places. I've seen some at Sally's, but I think the best place to finda good variety is online. You can buy a few different sizes at one time and they're pretty cheap. 

I used L'oreal The Palace Life for these large dots.
It's a pastel creamy pink shade.

Without dotting tools you can still create dots with items around the house. You can try using bobby pins, toothpicks, straight pins, ball point pens - anything with a hard rounded tip that can be dipped into polish will do the trick. If the tip is too small or pointy, try dipping it in the polish to form a bead on the end and let it harden. Then use it for your dots.

I  used the other end of the dotting tool for smaller dots in the same color. Then I added small dots of Essie's Mod Square on top of the large dots.

This is a fun design that is so simple and fast to create! It can also be made with a million different color combos so that makes it even better.

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