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April 10, 2013

Rock Your Hair Volumizing Hair Products

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Rock Your Hair is the latest volumizing hair line from the Big Sexy Hair founder, Michael O'Rourke.
Follow the jump to learn about the products.

The Rock Your Hair line features products that give your hair big volume while keeping it heathy and providing protection. I was able to try the products out for myself recently.

Here are the products I was able to try:
  • Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift
  • Spray it Hard Big Volume Hairspray
  • Bombshell Big Hair Powder
  • Miracle Leave-in Conditioner
  • Big Hair Rocks Shampoo
  • Big Hair Rocks Conditioner

Spray it Hard Hairspray and Size Matters Root Lift

Spray it Hard Big Volume Hairspray
Price: $22 (10 oz)

What it is:
A finishing spray that locks in volume and holds style for long lasting results.

My thoughts: 
It can be hard to find a good hairspray - often times, they can leave your hair feeling a bit too crispy. This hairspray is not like that though. The spray is light, so you're not drenching your hair with product all at once. It doesn't make my hair feel sticky or stiff and it's incredibly flexible. It even adds a little shine. I really like this hairspray.

Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift
Price: $20 (13 oz)

What it is:
A mousse that creates big volume at your roots without weighing down your ends. Spray directly on roots before blowdrying (while hair is still damp).

My thoughts: 
This is a great mousse. It adds volume at the top (where we all want it!) while keeping hair flexible and soft.  Since it's meant for the roots, you don't have to use much product at one time, so that means the whole product will last a long time.

Bombshell Big Hair Powder

Bombshell Big Hair Powder
Price: $17 (0.9 oz)

What it is:
A Talc and Micah based powder that liquefies to add instant lift and volume. It's a lightweight formula that thickens hair. You apply it to dry hair at the roots for volume. You can even apply it all over for extra shine and texture.

My thoughts:
My favorite product of the bunch! People told me I was going to like it, and they were right! It's so different than anything I've ever tried and it works really well. When I first tried it, I noticed that it felt cool, almost wet, on my head. It surprised me. It added tons of volume and my hair did feel a lot thicker. This is really the coolest product to try.

Rock Your Hair Leave-in Conditioner

Rock Your Hair Leave-in Conditioner
Price: $20 (7.5 oz)

What it is:
A leave-in conditioner that replenishes moisture and detangles hair. It contains soy, wheat, and oat proteins. It works great for dry, color treated, and chemically processed hair. For all hair types.

My thoughts:
I'm always on the hunt for great leave-in products that help my hair stay healthy. I spray this product on my damp hair and then comb through. Then I style like normal. I notice my hair doesn't dry out after using my heat tools; I can feel the moisture there. My hair feels and looks healthy with this leave-in conditioner. Another great product!

Big Hair Rocks Conditioner and Shampoo

Big Hair Rocks Shampoo
Price: $17 (10.5 oz)

What it is: 
A sulfate and paraben free volumizing shampoo for all hair types.Vitamin enriched for strength and shine.

My thoughts:
It feels great on my hair in the shower and it smells great too (as do the rest of the products from this line!). It has a very silky texture and I don't need a lot of it to get my hair feeling clean.

Big Hair Rocks Conditioner
Price: $20 (10.5 oz)

What it is:
A weightless conditioner for all hair types that adds body, volume, and lift. Sulfate and paraben free.

My thoughts:
This is an awesome conditioner that works well with the shampoo. It makes my hair feel silky soft and  smooth. Even though I have a few different hair brands in my shower, I reach for this most often. 

Overall Thoughts
I love everything about this line, from the cute pink packaging to the scent of each product. The quality is great and the products are worth their pricess. I love that they help keep my hair healthy, volumized, and looking good!

Interested in buying any of the products?
Find them on rockyourhair.com

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for consideration. This is not a compensated post. No affiliate links were used in this post.
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