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April 30, 2013

Neon Julie G Polishes

Purchased by Me

I'm loving neon colors right now, especially for nails. Today I'm featuring two bright Julie G polishes I bought a few days ago. Follow the jump to see them on my nails!

I finally decided to stop in at RiteAid and pick out some Julie G polishes by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. I only picked out two since I have a nail polish order on the way and I really don't want to go overboard with the polish buying right now........Well...let's be real, I'd actually love to go on a crazy nail polish shopping spree! My bank account would not love it, however, and so I am trying to limit myself - a little.

I chose the two that really jumped out at me. I'm on a bright polish kick (and really anything that comes in bright colors). It's fun and appropriate for the season.

Oh Em Gee! and Fierce & Fab

Oh Em Gee! is a neon hot pink inside the bottle. It's one of the brightest pinks I've seen - the picture doesn't quite capture it's brightness. It dries with a matte finish, so it turns out a little darker when applied, but still really bright and bold. On the nails, it glows and appears a little punch-y with a reddish tone.

Fierce & Fab also dries matte as a berry-toned purple. In the bottle it appears a little brighter than on the nails as well. It's a gorgeous exotic shade.

This is how Oh Em Gee! dries after 2 coats. You can tell how much it glows against my tan complexion.

I added a shiny topcoat to see how it would look with a glossy finish. I like it both ways!

Here's Fierce & Fab after two coats.

Here it is with a glossy topcoat too. 

I love both of these polishes. Oh Em Gee! came out a little different than expected with  it's redness. I was really hoping for that neon pink to transfer to the nails. Fierce & Fab was truer to it's color in the bottle.

They were $3.99 each at RiteAid, which is a great price for a good bottle of nail polish. Also, something to note is that the polishes didn't smudge easily after drying and they dried quickly. They didn't wear down fast or anything. I am quite impressed.

Overall, I'm happy I tried the Julie G polishes and I love how these two shades turned out. I'm anxious to try more!

Have you tried any of the Julie G polishes? Which one(s) did you buy?

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