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April 1, 2013

Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale

For today's mani, I chose a gorgeous glittery polish from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line - Mermaid's Tale (560).
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The name describes this polish perfectly. With jewel-toned green and teal glitter mixed in with a sheer blue color, the polish is definitely how I would expect a mermaid's tale to look.

I purchased the polish from Walgreens just last week. I don't buy many glitter polishes (love the look, hate taking them off) but this one was saying "BUY ME NOW". I just couldn't ignore it.

I applied 3 thin coats over a base coat and sealed it off with a topcoat.
The polish wasn't super easy to apply and three times as difficult to remove. It looked a little muddy and uneven around my cuticules, but I think it wears beautifully on the nails in general. 

You can see the depth the polish creates in this pic. I love the different sizes of the glitter. It shimmers just the right way. It's not an incredibly flashy polish either. It looks dark on the nails until you take a closer look and see the dimension.
Next time I'd like to try a solid color underneath with a coat of this polish on top.

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