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April 15, 2013

OPI Koala Bear-y

Purchased by Me

Today's mani is a gorgeous pink color I have fallen in love with recently. Follow the jump to find out what it is!

This hot pink polish is OPI's Koala Bear-y. It's a creamy lacquer that takes only one coat to show up completely opaque on the nails. Those are always the best polishes! If you're short on time, you can swipe this on quickly, add some drying drops, and you're good to go. I noticed that it didn't chip or smudge easily either. Some polishes get messed up an hour after applying. It seems like they stay soft for a long time and then they get smudged after you were soo careful to not touch anything. Don't you hate that?! Me too. Luckily, this one dries fast and without complications.

I love berry tones like this. They're not overly bright and they look amazing against a tan. In certain lights, this shade can look a little reddish.

I have 2 coats of it on my nails on top of a base coat. I finished it off, like always, with a top coat to help it last. Even though only one coat is needed, I still like to add a second one to get the full effect of the polish.

This will be a great color for the rest of Spring and all of Summer. I can wear this on my fingers or toes. It's just an awesome universal color that anyone can wear. I can see it looking great on pale complexions and also on darker skin tones. 

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