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October 20, 2012

Halloween Look: Pirate

This month, I'm sharing some of my own Halloween-themed creations: from makeup to nails (check out my candy corn nails!). For one of the looks, I chose to do a pirate.

For hair: I left it looking disheveled and added a few random braids. My hair naturally dries wavy like this, but I hardly ever wear it natural.

For accessories: I found the bat bandanna at Walmart for $1 and tied it on my head like a pirate. I added big, medallion earrings that I already had.

For makeup:

Eyes - I created a smudged smokey eye. I blended black, gray, and brown shades for the shadow. I applied liquid liner along with a couple coats of mascara.

Lips - I initially used a red lipstick for this look but my eyes were already pretty dramatic. I dabbed some of the red off and added a nice fall brown shade over top. The result was a spiced peachy brown color.

This look was very simple and inexpensive. I didn't buy anything except for the bandanna. I would definitely wear this for a casual Halloween look without going all out on a costume. 

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