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November 29, 2011

Tip: Applying Eyeshadow

If you've ever taken a drawing class you may have learned one general rule: to draw with a light hand and build up darker areas slowly in layers. I use the same rule for applying my eyeshadow. 

The outcome isn't so great when you load up your eyeshadow brush with a dark color and plaster it onto your lids or crease. We've all done it at some point. It's frustrating to try and figure out your next step. Should I wipe it off with a tissue? Should I remove it with makeup remover? Should I apply more eyeshadow? You can avoid this fiasco and it's fairly simple.

Here's a tip:
Lightly dab your brush into the eyeshadow and tap it onto your lids, don't swipe (you'll get a more even application by tapping). Keep building it up until you create the look you want. You might have to go back for more eyeshadow several times but it's better than applying a heavy layer all at once. You'll also waste less product (which also can lead to saving $$$!)

For the crease and outer lid area I like to apply shadow with my blending brush. It gives a light application and blends at the same time. Then you can go back with a regular eyeshadow brush to intensify areas that need it.

Did you find this tip helpful? Let me know!
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