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November 17, 2011

Blogging Tips

You might already have a blog or maybe you're just starting out, but it's always good  to be open to advice no matter what level you've reached. I've been blogging for awhile and have learned a lot about improving my blog. I've put together some basic tips on blogging to share with you and hope that you can share some in return.

1. Create your own style
Play around with different fonts, backgrounds, and colors but remember not to go overboard. Busy backgrounds, bright colors, and crazy fonts can be distracting and make it hard to read. You want your blog to be easy on the eyes.

2. Add pictures to your posts
This makes your blog more appealing. People love to look at pictures. I would suggest taking your own pictures unless you have permission to use someone else's photos. You may encounter issues if you use pictures that aren't your own, even if you have given credit to the owner.

3. Don't be too wordy 
Some people are fine with reading lengthy posts, but many readers want to read your main points, look at your pictures, and move on. The length is up to you, but keep in mind that if you're too long-winded readers may lose interest.

4. Organize your thoughts
 You might want to consider sectioning out your main points and organizing them with titles, bullets, and numbers- that way people can skip ahead to the areas they want to read. You can also use bold or italic font to identify important areas.

5. Proofread and edit your posts!
Write out a rough draft and then leave it alone for awhile. Come back later to read through it and make corrections. It will be easier to catch mistakes.  Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation!

6. Look at other blogs
No, I don't mean steal or copy another blog's ideas, but use them for inspiration!

 Have some blogging tips of your own? Tell me in the comments!
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