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April 17, 2014

NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color Review

NYC colored balms

Purchased by me

I've become a major lip product junkie within the last few years. It wasn't always this way. My mom would always urge me to add some color to my lips, but I was too focused on playing up my eyes. Lips weren't a major deal for me. Blogging opened me up to a whole new world of lipsticks, glosses, balms, and colors.

Last month I showed you the Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Balm Stains. After swatching and trying them on, I realized that I had discovered some lip color gold. At the same time, I found NYC's version, with more shades and at the same price. I skipped on them that time, but went back for a few a short time later.

I emerged from CVS with just 3 of the 12 shades:
  • Riverside Rose - rosy pink
  • Ballroom Blush - bright reddish pink
  • Brooklyn Brown Stone - pinkish brown

Twistable colored balms from NYC

These crayon-like balms don't just leave a silky, glossy finish on your lips; they also provide a substantial amount of color. I thought they would be more like a washed out tint, but they're definitely a step higher.


NYC lip color swatches

NYC twistable lip color swatches

NYC vs Wet n Wild

In comparison to the WnW balm stains, these seem to be a little less rich in color. Another difference is that the caps on the WnW balms snap closed (which I like), but the NYC balms kind of glide closed, so the cap comes off easier (something to consider if you keep them in your purse). They are the same price ($2.99 at CVS), however, the NYC ones have a little less product in them despite being longer in size. The advantage that NYC has is that they offer 6 more shades than Wet n Wild. Also the Wet n Wild balm stains give a minty effect after application and I think the color lasts longer than the NYC lip colors.

NYC twistable lip color vs. Wet n Wild balm stains

So, which one should you choose? I'd say try one from each brand! I tend to lean toward the Wet n Wild balm stains. If I want additional colors, I don't mind going for the NYC line!

*Products mentioned were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.
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