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April 10, 2014

How to: Pastel Easter Nails

How to: Pastel Easter Nails

It's funny, I've never done any sort of Easter nails for my blog before. Since I have acquired a handful of pastel shades in my polish collection, I thought this would be the perfect time to do at least one Easter mani!

This one is really simple and looks so cute! I consider this an Easter mani because it reminds me of decorated Easter eggs, but the design and colors work great for Spring in general.
I'll go over what I used and each step I did to create this pastel manicure.


  • 5 pastel polishes, 1 white polish 
  • Tape (clear)
  • Dotting tool


  1. Paint each nail with a different color and let them dry completely. 
  2. Apply a piece of tape in a diagonal direction so that it covers half of your nail (I covered the area next to the cuticle, leaving the tip of the nail uncovered).
  3. Paint a different color on the uncovered area. You'll want to overlap the tape a little to ensure a clean, straight line.
  4. Peel off tape. I do this pretty much right after painting. Then let it dry.
  5. Dip a dotting tool into white polish (I put a couple drops of polish on a paper plate). Then dot nails.
  6. Apply a top coat to seal the design!

Pastel nails
 Here's the first step, where I painted each nail with a different color.

Pastel two-toned nails
This was after taping and painting. My nails are two-toned!

Pastel Easter/Spring nails
The completed mani.

This is easy enough to do on yourself and looks really festive! If you don't feel like you're coordinated enough to do it on your own or don't have many pastel polishes, get some friends together and have a painting party.  Everyone can bring one pastel polish!  Sounds fun, right?!

pastel Spring nails

Pastel nails

Easter nails

 Polishes I used:

 Interested in knowing exactly what polishes I used to create this manicure? Here they are! Links to where you can find each one are below.

pastel nail polishes

 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Mint Sorbet
L'oreal, The Palace Life
L'oreal, Lacey Lilac
Zoya, Purity

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