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January 29, 2013

Zoya - My 3 FREE Polishes

A couple weeks ago on Twitter I saw people talking about a promo from Zoya to get 3 free polishes. I've seen the deal offered before, but this was the first time I decided to take advantage of it. I cannot pass up deal like this as a blogger. I have to save money whenever and wherever I can because I cover a lot of products on here, including pretty nail polishes!  The deal didn't require any other purchase or anything, just use the code and get free polish. I just had to pay $10 for shipping, which isn't bad considering one Zoya polish is normally $8. I don't have many Zoya polishes as it is, so I jumped on the website to choose three.

I chose Jinx, Meadow, and Shivon.
I was drawn to these shades because of their golden glows. In hindsight I realized I should've picked colors that were more geared toward Spring instead of ones that were ideal for Fall. I think Meadow is appropriate for any season though.

Jinx is a rich bronze color with faint golden sparkle. When the light catches the gold, it really shines. It goes well with my skintone, as many fall colors do.

Meadow is an instant favorite! It's a beautiful muted pink with gold shimmer. It's delicate and leans a little toward the nude side. Like I said before, I think I'll be wearing this one all the time no matter what the season is (but can you imagine this one in Summer?!).

Shivon is one of those colors that's hard to define. It contains shades of burgundy, gold, and brown. Like the other two it shimmers in the light. It has a nice satin finish.

Did you get 3 free polishes from Zoya too? Which ones did you get?

Zoya's Website
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