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January 23, 2013

Bargain Haul - CK, Physician's Formula, & N.Y.C.

Today, I decided to drop by Tuesday Morning, which is a discount store that carries a little bit of everything from gifts to home goods. I hardly ever go in the store because my first impression was that it was just a mediocre store that threw a bunch of crap on the shelves. At second glace, I found that it offered more than I thought. I noticed brands like Hot Tools, Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, and others. I never realized that it had a makeup section, but once I found it, I spent a good amount of time browsing it. It wasn't a huge section and I could tell that they probably put out different products all the time since the area wasn't very organized. Everything was placed randomly.

I picked out 3 items: 2 CK Calvin Klein polishes and a Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip. Then I stopped by Dollar Tree and picked out 2 N.Y.C. quads.

The Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip was just $4.99 marked down from $10.95! I've never seen Physician's Formula priced that low and they actually carried quite a few products from the brand.

It's meant for blue eyes, but can be used with any eye color. I would use all of these shadows on my brown eyes.

The CK Calvin Klein polishes were $4.99 instead of $10. I was surprised to stumble upon them and had to choose two bold hues.

They are the Splendid Color Nail Enamels in Bombshell and Electric Blue.

The N.Y.C. quads were just $1 each at the Dollar Store. I looked them up online and their average retail price is $3.99.

They're the Metro Quartet Eye Shadows in Queens Boulevard and Gothic Harlem.

If I had bought these items new, it would run me around $40 and I paid about $18 for everything. Less than $20 for these products? What a deal!
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