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January 22, 2013

January Birchbox: Ojon, theBalm, Lashem

There were a couple problems with my box this month. The contents were fine - I wasn't displeased by them, but I didn't receive what I was supposed to in the first place.  I checked the site to see what I was getting before it arrived and was happy to see Alessandro nail polish, theBalm Put a Lid On It (eyelid primer), and Fresh face cream on the list. When I opened the box, I noticed that those three samples weren't in it. I took a look at the card and it had a different list than the website besides one sample. Furthermore, there was one product that still didn't match the card exactly. I'll explain in more detail below as well as go over my thoughts on the samples I was given.

In my box...

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre 
24-Hour Miracle Cream
Full size: 30 ml - $16
My sample size: 5 ml

A moisturizer with a silky finish. It contains shea butter and aloe vera and can be used on all skin types. It can also be used as a makeup remover, baby cream, after-shave cream, and repairing mask!
My thoughts: Creams aren't always my favorite samples to receive. They just aren't very exciting products compared to eyeshadows, lipsticks, or polishes. This one is cool though because of it's multifunctional abilities. I love products that can be used for different purposes. It seems like a light cream with very little fragrance.
Would I buyt it? To be determined. I'm not sure how well it works yet.

Harvey Prince Skinny Chic
Full size: 50 ml - $55
My sample size: small vial

A fragrance that mixes apple, mint, grapefruit, and amber for a fresh scent.
My thoughts: This is a pleasant light and crisp scent. I didn't mind it all, except for the fact that it didn't last past 2 hours. Most of the scent faded away by that time.
Would I buy it? No. I like my fragrances to last longer.

LASHEM Eyelash & Brow Enhancing Serum
Full size: 3.5 ml - $69.99
My sample size: small tube

A serum to stimulate lashgrowth that keeps working long after initial application. It is recommended to be used only once a day on clean skin. Also for contact wearers like me, take your contacts out before applying.
My thoughts: On the card inside the box, it lists the LASHEM Double Trouble Lash Mascara, which this is clearly not. My guess is that the mascara probably looks similar and it was a simple mistake. While I like trying new mascaras, I'm actually happy that I got this serum instead. I've always wanted to try this kind of product to enhance my lashes.
Would I buy it? Not sure yet. It's a little pricey, but if it works well then I might be willing to splurge.

Ojon rare blend oil Total Hair Therapy
Full size: 1.5 fl oz - $35
My sample size: 0.07 fl oz

A layered hair serum containing Ojon oil that prevents heat damage and adds shine.
My thoughts: Instead of this sample, I was supposed to get the Restorative Hair Serum from Ojon. From what I read about both products, they seem to provide similar results. Any sort of hair oil or treatment is always welcome in my boxes. I try to find new products to repair and protect my hair often. The scent isn't my favorite (think pepper) and if it's noticeable throughout the day, then it could be a major deal breaker.
Would I buy it? Probably not

theBalm cosmetics Hot Mama
Full size: 7.08 g - $20
My sample size: 1.0 g

A pink powder with a golden glow which can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, or blush.
My thoughts: Originally, I was supposed to receive theBalm Put a Lid On It (eyelid primer), but I'm happy that I still got a product from theBalm. I love the brand and I will get more enjoyment out of this sample than the primer. I got another power from theBalm in a previous box and I use it all the time. I like that I can use this on my cheeks or my eyes.
Would I buy it? I think so!

In addition to the samples, a poster was included in the box with various tips to make 2013 a great year. I like reading things like that. I was surprised, though, that I didn't get a lifestyle extra in this box.

I emailed Birchbox today about the issues I mentioned, asking if things were switched up this month on accident or what. I'm not really mad over this situation because I'm still happy with what came in my box. I'm lucky that I haven't any problems worse than this. I know other people have had bigger issues with their boxes. I am a little bummed, however, that I didn't get those 3 products because I was looking forward to them. After I hear from Birchbox, I'll update this post to let you know what they said.

To those of you who have/had a Birchbox subscription: Did the same thing happen to you this month or any other month? Let me know in the comments!

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Edit: Birchbox emailed me back saying the list on the site was wrong. They said I could email them my reviews to get credit for the points but I didn't because it seemed like too much of a hassle.

Disclaimer: This box was purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. A referral link was used.

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