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September 28, 2012

Fall Inspired Nails

The moment Fall rolls around I'm ready for all things Fall. Decor, makeup, baking, hot drinks, boots, family time, football - I think it's safe to say I absolutely love this time of year. Unfortunately, we're still having some hot weather here in California (100 degrees in the forecast!), so I can't enjoy most of the things on my list yet.

Even though I can't make the full transition from Summer to Fall immediately, I already mildly celebrated by creating a fall inspired mani! I made a design that reminded me of the falling leaves.

Keep reading to find out how I created this fall inspired manicure.

I started with Mauving to Manitoba from OPI. I would describe it as a rusty mauve-almost burgundy color. It's a very rich color and a perfect hue for fall.

Then I took a black striper and created leaflike shapes on my nails.

Obviously it doesn't have to be perfect!

After that, I used a makeup sponge to apply a sheer wash of color over the leaf designs.  I used green, orange, and yellow and applied them random and overlapping each other.

I think it came out interesting and a little bit outside of the box compared to my usual manis. My goal was for the leaf designs to peek out from the other colors.

How do you think it turned out?

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