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September 7, 2012

LASplash Diamond Dust Mineral Eyeshadows

I happened upon a bunch of LASplash mineral eye shadows in the clearance area of my local Ulta.  They were marked down from $7.99 to $5.29 (and on the LASplash website they are listed at $8.99), so I picked out three shades: Passionate Plum, Golden Smoke, and Poise. 

I haven't tried anything from LASplash before, but I've always noticed the brand. Their products always look really fun and colorful. It was the perfect opportunity to expand my horizons.

Passionate Plum - A deep purple with pink glitter
Golden Smoke - A black shade with bright gold glitter
Poise - a shimmering champagne color


Passionate Plum (left) has the least amount of glitter in it and Poise (middle) has the most. Golden Smoke (right) has a fair amount of glitter but it's not very noticeable on the eyes.

The main reason I bought these was because I don't have many pigments in my cosmetics collection. I didn't have any certain expectations for them; I was just happy to try them.

The quality is nice, but I wouldn't say it blows me away. Would I pay full price for these? Probably not. 

Here's why...
It seems like the glitter falls off pretty easily. They are decent shadows, but if you're looking for glittery pigments that add sparkle to your eyes, I wouldn't totally recommend these. That's not to say their other products aren't great, and since I have only tried 3 of these I can't totally write them off either.I would consider buying more of them at the discounted price or with a coupon (or both!).

I do think each little jar will last a long time. There's plenty of product and the shadows (excluding the glitter) are rich colors with good color payoff. 

What products have you tried from LASplash? 
What did you think of them?
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