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June 8, 2012

Fake Eyelashes?

I haven't always been a false lash fan. I thought they would just weigh my eyes down and irritate me but I've always liked their ability to amplify the eyes. Recently I bought these lashes at Walmart so I could give falsies another try. I bought the starter kit because it included lash glue and an application tool. 

I picked out the Demi Wispies, which I thought looked long, yet natural. 

The tool made the lashes very easy to apply and after the glue dried and settled my eyes felt fine, not weighed down like I thought they would be. They were actually quite comfortable and they made my eyes stand out like crazy! 

Here is a picture from the first day I wore them:

Hello, eyelashes!

I wore them again today. Here are a couple of close-ups of the lashes:

I think these look very natural on me.

I think I have converted to a false lash fan! I'm still not going to wear them on a daily basis but I can definitely see myself wearing them for events and nights out along with the occasional daytime look. 

How do you feel about fake eyelashes? What are your favorites? 

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