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June 19, 2012

June Birchbox: theBalm, Eyeko, John Varvatos

Another Birchbox review! This month's theme is Jet Set. Take a look at what came in my box - you might want these products for your next trip!

What came in my box

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner
Full size: $15

I've heard of this UK brand several times but have never tried it. I typically don't wear liquid eyeliner but am always willing to give it a shot. This particular liner includes a felt tip in order to achieve a precise line. This liner is designed to stay put (literally, I had the hardest time scrubbing it off!).

My thoughts: I don't think I'll be adding this liner into my daily routine.It's not that I don't like it;  I just don't like intense liner on me - my eyelashes almost disappear. I'll keep it around for the times that I wear false lashes for that extra intensity.

Melvita Rose Floral Water
Full size: $22

This is a lightweight rose-scented spray meant for refreshing the skin and also has healing properties. The spray comes in Lavender and Orange Blossom scents as well.

My thoughts: It smells nice and is refreshing on your face but I'm not sure I can justify paying $22 for this type of product. I prefer sprays that are designed for setting your makeup. This just doesn't give me enough benefits for the money.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac
Full size: $17

I'm glad I was able to try a product from this brand - I've heard about it everywhere. Stainiac is a lip and cheek stain. It comes in three shades: Beauty Queen (the one I have), Prom Queen - pink, and Homecoming Queen - peach. It's a gel formula so it's easy to blend.

My thoughts: I'm usually reluctant to try stains because it seems like it would be easy to apply too much and then hello, you're face is stained! This is a very subtle stain though so I like it a lot and wouldn't mind trying out the other colors too.

Here is a swatch of the gel but it's not nearly so intense once it's blended:

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
Full size: $16

This is another multipurpose product and it's from Japan. It's a gentle cream that can be used pretty much anywhere and safe enough for little ones. Lips, face, body - you can apply it to any dry area in need of some moisture.

My thoughts: This cream is thick as well as extremely soft. I used it on my elbows and they instantly felt more hydrated.  My only complaint is the initial scent. It had an overpowering herbal scent when first applied but luckily it went away after a few minutes.

Band-aid Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-aids
Pack of 20 for $15

This was an unexpected product in my box. I didn't think I'd be getting band-aids but it's something you should always have around so I'm happy to have them. I prefer the nude-colored band-aids because I like them to be discreet but I'll still use these. There are different designs/colors and sizes of band-aids in the box. On top of being a bonus product, it's full size too!

Birchbox Man Extra
John Varvatos Star USA
Full size: $55-70

For this month, Birchbox decided to add in another little extra for the guy in your life. This cologne from John Varvatos has a variety of notes to make up an awesome guy scent. It's a clean scent with a little bit of spice, which is my favorite for men.

I like this month's box. Between the eyeliner and the band-aids, the box was worth the money (those two products are $30 together!). I thought it was cool to get a guy product too; I think they should do that more often. My favorite product of the box was definitely the lip and cheek stain from theBalm. Overall, I'm happy with my products. I decided I will probably stick with my Birchbox subscription for a full year.

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored review. All opinions are mine and my subscription is paid for by me. 
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