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June 11, 2012

A Flashy Manicure

Last week I was inspired to give myself a sparkly purple/silver manicure. What inspired me? Well you know those times when you're browsing through Pinterest and see all these elaborate nail designs and then think to yourself you're not being creative enough with your mani? I had one of those moments and since I don't have fancy dotting tools or nails pens, I turned to glitter - always a wise decision. I used three polishes from three different brands to create these flashy nails.

For the first main coat of polish, I used 2 coats of OPI's 'Purple with a Purpose', which is a beautiful rich purple shade. 

Then I added a few layers of a Pure Ice glitter polish (not certain of the name though) to add dimension to the nail. The glitter is made up of sparkling blue and purple colors. I applied more layers towards the tip of the nail.

Lastly, I applied 'Set in Stones' from Essie's Luxeffects collection to my tips. This popular silver glitter top coat was the perfect addition to top off this pretty manicure.

I'd have to say this is my most favorite polish combo I've done to date. Purple is my favorite color, especially this particular shade, and I basically love anything that glitters. On top of that it was fairly fast and easy. One of these days I'll try a more challenging design but I'm perfectly okay with various sparkly combos in the meantime!

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