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June 25, 2012

Simple Flower Mani

I've gone on a nail polish buying spree lately and I honestly can't get enough! Now that I have a growing collection of polish I am more interested in using multiple colors for my manis and getting creative with designs. I don't have fancy manicure tools so I went on a hunt to find dotting tools but had no luck. I turned to Google to help me out and discovered how to make dots without the tools using a bobby pin!

Here are the colors I used for my mani:
Fear or Desire from Essie (orange), Strong Like Jazz by Piggy Polish (purple), and Unicorn from Sinful Colors (yellow).

The Design:
I applied 2 coats of Fear or Desire to start with, so I had an orange base. Then I took a bobby pin and straightened it out so that it made one long pin with a point on each end. I put a couple of drops of Unicorn on a piece of paper and then dipped my pin into the polish. I made flower shapes and dots on my nails with the yellow polish. Then once that dried, I dipped the other end of the pin into Strong Like Jazz in order to add the purple center to the flowers. After I finished the design and allowed it to dry for a bit, I added a top coat. 

It was a super simple and fast design that anyone could do and you don't need special tools. If you don't have bobby pins laying around you can also use toothpicks or straight pins. 

What do you use for dotting?
If you haven't tried it will you try it now that you know how easy it is?
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