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January 30, 2012

Tools for Curling Hair

Have you curled your hair lately? How did you curl it? There are a few tools you can use and numerous methods of doing it. I've listed the most common hot tools below and included my thoughts on each.

Curling Iron - this is the most common tool used for curling hair. Curling irons come in many sizes. The smaller the barrel the tighter the curl and the bigger the barrel the looser the curl. I've used Revlon, Hot Tools, and Conair curling irons. I like my Conair Infiniti the most.

What I think: This is my favorite way to curl my hair. I feel like I can control the look of my curls the best with this method and the curls look really soft.

Curling Wand (clipless) - This type of curling iron does not have a clip to hold your hair in place on the iron. Instead you wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it in place yourself. Your hair comes out more wavy than curly. It's a lot easier to burn yourself with this method so wearing a glove on your hand is important.

What I think: I like using this method but it also takes a little more effort since you have to use both hands. It can be a little tiring. I love the effect it gives my hair though.

Flat iron - Many people now use their flat iron (straightener) to curl their hair. Not all flat irons will do this though, it depends on the shape of it. It's a little trickier to get the hang of curling your hair this way and the curls come out more messy looking instead of uniform.

What I think: I haven't mastered this way completely yet. I like to use this when I want lots of volume and loose curls.

Hot Rollers - These are good when you have lots of things to do and can't spend the time on your hair. You just put them in your hair, wait a while, and then take them out. You'll probably have to fix it a little afterward using whatever method you need to.

What I think: I like that I don't have to put in much effort when I use this method but my hair tends to scrunch up and I lose a lot of length. I don't use hot rollers too often.

Waver - this hot tool makes your hair wavy but if you're looking to get loose messy waves this may not be the best option. The waves come out more perfect looking. This method is most time consuming.

What I think: I don't use this method that often because it takes way too long. I think it comes out pretty but takes too much time and effort.

What's your favorite way to curl your hair? Comment below!

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