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January 12, 2012

Makeup Organization

I ordered this spinning makeup organizer from QVC. I saw it first on Pinterest and 5 minutes later I decided it was necessary to have in my possession. It's perfect for storing my daily beauty products.

So yesterday I went to work filling it up with my everyday products. They fit really well and I even have a little room to grow - so I guess I better start buying more things!

This organizer works out great for me right now because I have my daily makeup items in my office/spare room and I need everything to be organized in there so the room doesn't overflow with all of our extra stuff. What I really need is a room designated just for my things. I could have a vanity, some storage for extra makeup, and an area for crafting.  For now I share the room with the computer/desk, my pet rabbit, and my boyfriend's stuff. Not so ideal but you have to work with you got....for now.

How do you store your beauty products? Comment below!
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