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February 8, 2012

10 things I like about Winter

Winter isn't my favorite season at all, but there are some things I like about it. While I like the longer days of summer and constant good weather, there are certain things I can only enjoy during wintertime...

1. Drinking white mochas, hot tea, or hot apple cider. I just bought a box of instant spiced apple cider packets from the store. They taste amazing!

2. Cooking at home. I cook year round but cooking over the stove and in the oven in summer is not such a good time. I love making warm meals in the winter.

3. Watching all my shows! I literally had to write out a schedule of the shows I watch currently so I can keep track of them all. (I don't know that this is something to be proud of though)

4. Knitting on looms. For me this is definitely a cold weather hobby.

5. Normal mall trips. After the craziness of the holidays it's nice to go to the mall, be able to park easily, and just walk around for awhile with no agenda or list of gifts to buy.

6. Doing indoor activities without feeling guilty. Is it just me or does it feel wrong to be inside on a nice warm sunny day?

7. Knee high socks, slippers, and blankets. Pretty much anything comfy and warm.

8. Soup, especially chicken noodle. A nice bowl of soup is a great way to warm up.

9. Hot showers. I don't take baths but when it's cold it feels so good to stand under the hot water.

10. Fires in the fireplace. Having a fire going just fills the room with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

What is one thing you like about Winter? 

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