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May 12, 2014

Styling with Kleenex

My boyfriend and I love to have guests at our place. Whether it's family or friends, we like good company. We never have overnight guests since our spare bedroom acts as our office, but that doesn't mean we should be any less prepared with essential items guests might need. With allergy season in full swing, tissues are necessary to have on hand. I've strategically placed boxes of Kleenex throughout our apartment, which has added a lot of style to those areas.

Isaac Mizrahi teamed up with Kleenex to create four designs that are intended to inspire when it comes to personal style and trends. On the Kleenex Style Finder you can watch videos featuring Isaac Mizrahi and learn about his design experience.

On our coffee table, I used this black and white Kleenex box. I surrounded it with interesting books, a pretty ceramic bird, and a pink 'smile' candle.

In our bathroom, I set out this colorful floral tissue box by the sink.  Next to it, I placed a bundle of slim packs in case we need to take some tissues with us on-the-go. Those packs are so convenient! I also gathered all of my extra perfume samples in a dish by the sink in case anyone wants to try a new scent.

Here's another floral box in blues and greens that sits atop my vanity/desk. It rests between my cute lacey lamp and my mirror. So stylish!

Which box do you like most? Black + white, pink, or blue?

Kleenex is celebrating 90 years (WOW!). Did you know Kleenex started as a facial tissue for removing makeup? Check out the Kleenex Style Studio to learn more about the brand, find more fab designs, and take a fun quiz!

*This post was sponsored by Kleenex but I've been loyal to the brand since I was a kid!
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