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January 26, 2014

Groupon for Beauty Discounts!

Groupon for discounted beauty items

Lately, I've been checking out Groupon a lot for discounted beauty products. They always seem to have a bunch of great deals on an assortment of products. I find all kinds of great brands on there: NARS, Dermablend, Ardell, Clarisonic, China Glaze, etc.

What's cool about Groupon is that you save a decent amount of money, you get free shipping once you spend $19.99 (not too bad), and there are free returns! With my experience, the shipping was incredibly fast. There's more than just beauty on there too.

Some awesome deals going right now:

China Glaze 3-piece Nail Polish Set
Price: $20.37 $7.99

Savings: $12.38
Find the deal here!

China Glaze nail polish set
Image source: Groupon

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum 
Price: $112 $74.99

Savings: $37.01
Find the deal here!

Prada Candy
Image source: Groupon

NARS Balancing Moisture Lotion
Price: $55 $25.99

Savings: $29.01
Find the deal here!

NARS Balancing Moisture Lotion
Image source: Groupon

By the way, I've noticed NARS stuff sells out very quickly. You want to jump on those deals immediately!

While browsing the health & beauty section, you might also stumble across some....ahem...adult items. They're always on there, but hey, people want to save money in ALL areas, right? Nothing wrong with that!

I even find a ton of discounted electronics on Groupon. I'm talking Macbooks, video games, iPads and other tablets, cameras, headphones, TVs. The list goes on and on!

So the next time you're browsing for deals online, you should definitely check Groupon!

Dislaimer: Not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links were used in this post. 

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