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September 19, 2013

Alima Pure Mineral Foundation, Blush, and Eyeshadow

Press Samples

Recently, I tried some mineral makeup from Alima Pure. I had only tried the brand once before, thanks to Birchbox, but I had heard of it many times prior. The cool thing about the brand is that their mineral cosmetics are not irritating nor will they clog your pores; they're actually helpful to your skin. The main product I was going to try was their Satin Matte Foundation, but I also got to test a couple other products too.

Satin Matte Foundation
For foundation, I was able to try a few samples of the shades that looked closest to my skin tone (and they were very generous samples). Once I tested each one, I chose the shade that was perfect for me. After using it for awhile, I've noticed that this foundation is excellent at creating a flawless look. It appears very natural on the skin and evens out my skin tone really well. Best of all, it doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest. There's no rough texture to it or product buildup. If you touch your skin, it just feels soft.

These are the samples I was sent. Each one is filled enough to last a while so you can tell which shade looks better over the course of a few days.

I like the simple, clean packaging

This is the shade that matched me the best. It's Beige 3.

There is such a wide range of foundation shades available that it's almost overwhelming. Luckily, there's help. You can use the foundation selector to answer a couple questions about your skin tone/color. Based on your answers, you'll get suggestions for the shades that could possibly work for you.

From there you can buy a sample kit which includes:
  • foundation samples (the ones that were suggested)
  • one blush sample
  • a mini kabuki brush
  • a makeup bag
  • $5 coupon for your full-size foundation purchase

You can also buy the samples individually if you want to try a couple.

In addition to the foundation, they sent along a blush, mini kabuki, and eyeshadow for me to try.
The blush is the Satin Matte Blush in Desert Rose. It's a dusty pink color that has plenty of color payoff. I lightly sweep it onto my cheeks and it gives me a nice flush.

In the box

Swatch of the blush

The eyeshdadow is their Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in the shade Paris. It's a shimmery taupe shade, unlike any other color I have in my collection. I like using it toward the inner part of my eyes to brighten the area. It's a gorgeous all-over-lid color too.

Swatch of the eyeshadow

The mini kabuki brush is too cute! It's very dense and soft. I used it for applying the foundation and it worked great.

 Alima Pure is committed to offering products with natural ingredients and all products are cruelty-free!

To find out more about these products and others, you can browse the Alima Pure website.

Other places to find Alima Pure:

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own. No affiliate links or referral links were used.

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