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September 21, 2013

7 Ways the Clarisonic Mia Changed My Skin!

Purchased by me

I mentioned my love for my Clarisonic Mia before. Now that I've been using it for over 2 years, I have even more great things to say about it! It has changed my skin completely - and in a great way!

What is the Clarisonic Mia and what does it do?
It's a sonic skin cleansing brush that deep cleans without being too harsh on your skin. It's gentle enough to be used on a daily basis but delivers powerful results.

Here's what I've noticed after using it everday:

1. My skin is smoother and softer. It used to have a more rough texture. I disliked having to touch it for any reason. The Mia is great for exfoliation. It works to smooth out your skin over time. Now my skin is soft and smooth without anymore roughness.

2. Less breakouts! Before using the brush, I would never take my makeup off at night, which obviously would cause daily breakouts. I admit that I was totally lazy about it and it even seemed like the products I  used would just irritate my skin. Once I got the Mia, I made a huge effort to cleanse my skin every night before bed. Now I cannot even think of crawling into bed without clean skin. Using the Mia is the best way to do it too because it's 6 times better at cleansing than hands alone! I don't get major breakouts at all anymore. My skin stays pretty clear.

3. Pores appear smaller. I had enlarged pores on my cheeks before. When I first got my Mia, I just used the normal brush head that came with it. Then I got the deep pore brush head and that works even better at cleaning and unclogging pores, which is another reason why I have less breakouts! My pores have dramatically reduced in size, which also means that less oil and debris is getting into them.

4. Skin is more balanced. For a long time I had combination skin that was very oily in the t-zone and very dry on my cheeks. Now I've noticed I have more normal balanced skin that isn't too oily or
too dry.

5. Healthier appearance. There's less dullness and my skin just looks more healthy all around. There's even a bit of a glow to it.

6. No more redness and scars are fading. When my skin was so irritated all the time I had tons of redness. I never thought it would go away! I would get out of the shower and sit down for makeup and I couldn't believe all the redness and irritation I was seeing. Now I sit down, look in the mirror, and see no redness or irritation at all. It's like a day-and-night difference. My skin actually looks normal! Acne scars are also diminishing.

7. Less sensitivity. Now that my skin is more balanced and less irritated, I've noticed it has also become tougher. When I use new products, my skin doesn't freak out anymore. I don't have to worry about how it will react if I try different things.

I can't believe how happy I am about my skin now. The Clarisonic Mia was the best skin care investment I've ever made.  There are different brush heads for every skin type (acne, deep pore,  normal, sensitive). There are also other options besides the Mia - now there's a Mia 2 that has 2 speeds (the Mia only has 1), a 1-minute pulsing T-Timer, and also comes in more colors and designs. It's a bit more expensive. There are also a couple other devices  that do even more. I'm happy with my basic Mia though. I would recommend it to anyone!

Check out Clarisonic's website for products, more info, and even clinical studies.
If you're looking to purchase a Mia for yourself (or anyone else - Christmas maybe?) check out Amazon for some good deals. 

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me (or actually my bf as a gift to me). This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links were used.
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