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February 4, 2013

How to: Easy Heart Nails

February has arrived toting roses, candy, hearts, and other symbols of love along with it. For some, it's a perfect time to express their love to someone special and for others it's an annoying reminder of how lonely they feel.  Whether you're celebrating with your true love or spending your night with a pint of ice cream and some movies, there's no reason you shouldn't wear a cute mani, right?

These are the nails I created for Valentine's Day. They were quick and easy and I absolutely adore them.

Gold sparkly nails with magenta hearts

I used 3 polishes besides a base coat and top coat.

OPI Glitzerland, Piggy Polish Strong Like Jazz, and Julep Vivien

I used Glitzerland as the base color. It's a shimmery light gold.

Then I layered Vivien over top. Vivien is a sheer shimmery gold polish with some big chunky gold glitter. It paired perfectly with Glitzerland.

When it came time to make the hearts, I took a dotting tool and dipped it into Strong Like Jazz.  I used the dotting tool to form  small hearts. It was incredibly easy. If you're recreating this mani and don't have a dotting tool you can use almost anything with a point, such as: a sewing pin, a bobby pin (straightened out), a pencil tip, etc. 

For the thumb, I painted a a big heart with the brush the polish came with. 

For a more simple version, here's the mani with just the thumb heart and small hearts on the ring finger:

Both versions are girly and fun. I could literally wear this mani on my nails everyday and be happy.
Let me know if you try it!

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