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February 8, 2013

Cut & Blow - Hair and Beauty Private Sales

When shopping, everyone is looking for a good deal. Whether it's going to a sale, searching through clearance bins, or finding deals online. One way to score some great deals is through a flash sale site. When you become a member of these sites, you get access to huge discounts from popular brands for a limited time. One of these sites is Cut & Blow.

Cut & Blow is a beauty flash sale site that offers members up to 90% off on select products from amazing brands. The sales are usually open for only 96 hours and may only be available one time, so if you see something you like, you better jump on it immediately!

Screenshot from Cutandblow.com

Today on the site, I see sales for the OPI Germany collection ($5.50 a bottle!), Tigi Cosmetics that are majorly discounted, and a T3 Protege Hair Dryer for $94 instead of $299.99. Crazy! Upcoming sales include Pureology, Smashbox, Clarisonic, China Glaze, and others.

You'll want to share this site with your friends too, because not only will they get amazing deals as well, but you'll get a $5 credit when they sign up and make their first purchase!

So let's go over the benefits of the site again:
  • By joining, you get access to sales up to 90% off
  • You get a $5 credit for friends who sign up 
  • Find sales on brands like Smashbox, Pureology, Clarisonic, Redken, CHI, and any more!

Interested? Sign up here.

Find Cut & Blow

*Images from Cutandblow.com
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinion are my own.
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