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February 16, 2013

Beauty Break: Valentine's Recap

 I've decided that since I don't publish beauty posts on the weekends that I should find something else to share during that time that gives you a glimpse into my life and learn more about me.  The posts I'll  be doing will be named Beauty Breaks so that they're distinguishable from my other posts. These posts may contain recaps of my week, vlogs, new projects I'm working on, or things I just want to share (I'm not making any promises yet about where they'll go - let's just go with it!)

This first Beauty Break is about Valentine's Day and how I celebrated. I don't believe I need a specific day to show my boyfriend or anyone else that I love them. I do, however, think it's a little fun to dote on each other for a day. I even decorated our entryway with Valentine's stuff from the dollar store.

We never make a big deal out of Valentine's day gifts. Mark got me the usual flowers, card, and candy -which is plenty for me - but this year he also got me a gift that I'm excited to share...

It's a Living Locket from Origami Owl. I showed him the site awhile ago after hearing about it on twitter and hinted that I would love to have one. You choose everything for your locket: the chain, the locket, and the charms. Take a look at the video below to see my Living Locket.

Mark chose the rose gold locket and chain for me. It's so pretty!
My charms: an artist palette (you probably know by know I love drawing, painting, crafting, and anything art-related), a laptop, a camera, a shopping bag, and a crown.

I think it makes for a really special gift and is so unique. This is the only locket I've seen where you can always see what's inside. 
Anyway, I promise I'm not getting paid to promote the company - I just wanted more people to know about it because it's so cool!

So after he gave me my gift I have him a couple small gifts and some treats for later (cupcakes!). We went out to pick up ingredients for our dinner, which was parmesan chicken, broccoli, and baked bread. Parmesan chicken is so easy and delicious. This is the recipe I use. We ate in, played some bowling on the PS3, and relaxed. 

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

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