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August 9, 2014

My Perfume Display - Before & After

Ever since I redid my office with a new workspace and vanity, I've been wanting something to display my perfumes and fragrances. My perfume collection was just hanging in the corner of my desk. It didn't look bad, but I knew that was a better way to properly show them off.


This is how I arranged my collection before. There was just nothing special about it.

I was looking at decorative cake stands to use as a display. I tried looking for them everywhere I went, but I really couldn't find what I wanted. I almost gave up the search when I happened to walk into Home Goods the other day and find the perfect cake stand! You really do find the best things when you aren't looking for them.

Isn't it gorgeous?

There were gold, silver, and black ones. They were available in 3 different sizes and I chose the middle size. Each one had little faux crystals hanging from the edges. Originally, the silver stand caught my eye. but then I realized it wouldn't match with my existing decor. The black fit with my color scheme the best.


Do you like my new set up?

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