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June 9, 2014

Summer Essentials, Save the Undies & FREE SAMPLES

Summer essentials


Summer is here! Okay, maybe not officially as I'm writing this, but it has been over 100 degrees here in California. That's what I call Summer! For me, Summer is all about fun activities: boating, bbqs, pool time, little excursions, big trips, music, dancing, and the list could go on. Throughout all the events and activities, it's smart to be prepared. Yep, that even includes products to help Save the Undies during that time of the month. Let me show you what some of my summer essentials include....

Essentials for summertime

Whether I'm going on a trip or just hanging for the day, these are some of the items I like to keep handy:

  • Sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes
  • Lip balm - gotta keep those lips moisturized!
  • U by Kotex ultra thin pads
  • BB cream for light, natural coverage
  • Cute Summer polish for touch ups or full manis
  • Rollerball fragrance - such a convenient product for travel or a day out
  • Headphones so I can listen to some tunes
  • Lip color - this one stays on well and doesn't easily wear off
  • Sunscreen for protection from those harmful rays

Those are  just some of my essentials for fun Summer days. There's just one thing that can really put a damper on Summer activities - when our special monthly visitor shows up. Yep, that dreaded time of the month. It wreaks havoc on our mood, our bodies, and our undies! I have such cute underwear and I don't need the crimson wave ruining them.

U by Kotex pads with 3D Capure Core

Luckily, U by Kotex has a solution to this messy problem. U by Kotex offers a full line of feminine care products including pads, liners, and tampons. U by Kotex has a new line of Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core, featuring a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks. Sounds like a great way to keep your Summer days fun, relaxing, and comfortable, right??

U by Kotex

Get your free samples! 

Go to the U by Kotex page, find the samples that best fit your mission to save the undies, and click the "Get Sample" button!

*This post is sponsored Kotex.  All opinions are my own.
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